Possible to clone 125hid to theNext

I have the next (notflex) but I am new to this and wasn’t sure how to convert the ic to HId with my proxmark3.
Is it possible to clone a 125hid key fob to the next implant?

I’m reading mixed reviews here and sorry if this was addressed befor I can’t seem to find a clear solution.

Thank you in advance for any support

depends on the chipset but 99.9% of the time the answer is yes. the next has a T5577 that is capable of handling the vast high majority of low frequency chipsets excluding a handful. to give you a definitive answer i’d need more context about the chip

Thank you for the quick response !
Ok so it’s just a matter of converting from IC to HID ? Then overwrite it ? I tried to do this but failed and was scared to proceed further.

The product page for the NExT should have a video on exactly how to do this with the proxmark3.

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Also the T5577 video

you can skip to about the 8min mark, but I would suggest you watch the video the whole way through