Post x-rays here!

I’m fairly sure if you setup the x-ray machine properly, there are ways to see the implant better. But the radiologist just didn’t want to play ball: she had a prescription for a wrist x-ray, to see bony bits, and that’s what she performed. Nothing more, nothing less. She didn’t want to hear anything about no implants.

She was so unwilling to help she almost threw me out of the room when I “discreetly” retracted my hand slightly to get the IAR glass implant into the shot at the last moment.

That’s as good as it’s ever gonna get here in Finland. Next time I take a trip to Russia, I’ll see if I can have it x-rayed there.

That x-ray looks like an accidental shot of the Terminator coming straight for you and you throwing your hand to stop it :slight_smile:

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Whoa, tf? How can I imagine this?

Doctors can get into serious trouble for prescribing x-rays, or taking x-rays that don’t conform exactly to the script here apparently. They’re really afraid of being audited and found to have done frivolous medical imaging. I’m actually surprised I managed to get one done at all.

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Just making a thread for people to post their x-rays. I’ll go first. Mine shifted but from what I can tell it seems to be in an area of minimal movement and shouldn’t be problematic in future (also found out I have bone spur type thing on my thumb coincidentally)20210519_120131


Here are some old ones, I haven’t done any with the flexNext yet :cry:

Oooooo nice. How do you find the finger ones? Do they annoy at all? Can you do all your normal activities?

Mine are parylene coated Sense52 that aren’t made anymore (I think, Cassox?). The Titan from DT is very similar though :wink: Not annoying at all, I can do everything I used too plus the added super powers :grin:

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Niiiiceeeee. Asking because I have an xG3 sitting on my shelf and I’m quite intent on putting it in. But the length intimidates me. Especially since I use my hands quite actively. And the parylene, does it scare you if you ever need to have it removed for some reason? (Just asking about that out of curiosity since it seems to be pretty rarely used in the newer implants from what I see)

I’ve heard the rumors on parylene but mine have been doing fine for at least 2 years so… :crossed_fingers: I had a gold one a loooong time ago and it was easy to remove so I’m not too worried.
A tip for the xG3: don’t put it where I have mine. It’s not a good spot for lifting nor sensing and take a lot of useful space :wink:

Hmmmm so where would you reccomend? I was thinking maybe the medial phalange on my ring finger, but that feels risky. I was also thinking perhaps forearm but that might be pretty bad for sensing / lifting

I don’t see a reason to put it in the forearm. If I were to change mine I would probably put it on the knife edge or between metacarpals (to conduct the vibration through the bones? maybe?). If you have large fingers then go for the fingers, I don’t :frowning:

There was one ~7 months ago, you can check it out if you want to see more x-rays. You could always have @Pilgrimsmaster merge the threads if you’d like, too.

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very old x-ray from 2018. I think I must get a new one soon

today: it eould be lighting up like a christmas tree


I already posted this one somewhere on the forum, but this is a nice place for it, I guess…:wink:


Great images everyone, this are very interesting!!

This is from the same time as the one I use for a profile picture- my 3 (well, 2.5) dental epoxy magnets from before having them removed a couple years back.

Oh the joys of being in the medial field :slight_smile:

These were pics of my old xLED that I removed. Still need to get new images of my NExT. I’m hoping to get a 3D CBCT of that one :slight_smile:

Here is my xM1 chip :smiley:


Wow, that’s a super detailed x-ray! Probably one of the highest quality ones I’ve seen posted here.

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