Post x-rays here!

Well, I work at a hospital, and this is a new xray they have for testing :slight_smile:

How does one recreationally get their hands x-ray’d?

Tell your doctor you have chip implants and want to check to see they haven’t moved or there isn’t something bad going on with them.


I’m taking it that this wouldn’t be covered by insurance?

It depends on your insurance, and how it is billed.

Technically it should be covered like any other x-ray as long as it is done for a valid medical reason. If you go to the doctor and say “I have an implant can I have an X-Ray so I can show it to people” they might well refuse the X-Ray and Insurance could certainly claim that it wasn’t necessary and is not covered.

Placement/migration concerns and questions about healing should be valid.

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Also having a friend that’s a vet and has a practice would be a good option also


well this is a whole lot cooler than i thought it would be!

not showing:
-xG3 on wrist (kind of showing)
-white xLED 13.56mhz up my arm
and the 3 on my right hand - i’ll try to get those too one day.

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The size difference between the xG3 and the other glassies is surprisingly easy to see on an x-ray.

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The NExT length got me.

What’s the story with the blue xSIID?

The mother edger took a vacay and I have tried 3 times to dig it out.

It was the whole reason I got this X-ray,

Well, I have access to xray in my work, so made few NExT photos still in needle :slight_smile:



I would literally X-ray so many things…

That resolution is UNREAL!


What make model and year is this x-ray? The resolution is amazing compared to my 2006 digital x-rays.


Ummm, I It’s yxlon cougar SMT, about 2009.
I’m working at electronics manufacturing. SMT assembling line- AOI operator. So I’m always using Xrays :smiley: And it isn’t the best quality, because I took only screenshotS


Low quality xray I got today :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Interesting, the pcb antenna is fairly clear in X-ray

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My NeXT in my left hand!