Preferred Hand Poll

That’s crazy. I’m surprised I never saw that.

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Getting implanted Saturday, 3 in my left hand

I’d be lying if I said the “it’s cool bro, it’s my left hand” didn’t factor in to my location

I will enjoy the, “the Bible says mark of the beast is right hand or forehead… so it’s fine”

Follow up arguments
so are you saying the Bible is wrong? troll face

Used to be part of Christianity, and people using the Bible (which is never wrong) as their defense to be very unchristian always bugged the hell out of me

Will be fun to make those attacking me eat a bit of crow


Had the same exact experience. Welcome to the club man.

I chose the “Left Hand of Darkness”.


I got my next in my left hand because it’s non dominant, I can scan it with a phone in my right hand, and eventually it will work better for my car placement.
Titan is planned for dominant hand because that’s the one I would use to reach out and feel something.
Apex is planned for left for similar reasons to NExT