Prenatal for the chip to bind

I sa so much things and heard from alot of people to take prenatal so i buyt it for the chip to bind in my hand and i already have it 5 days in and buyt a prenatal for 4 weeks do i need to take this out is btw is anyone sure to take this or took it cuz my mother kinda think this is rlly weird and it worrys me are there side effects or anything that can happen bad tl my body mby grow boobs or so :scream:?? And what are the rules to take it ? When how much anyone fimiliar

You do not need to worry about growing boobs from taking prenatal vitamins. Prenatal vitamins are designed to supplement a normal diet and to ensure that a woman has all needed vitamins for pregnancy.
In other words… It is just a vitamin with a bit more iron, calcium, and folic acid. They do not contain any estrogen, because that would defeat the purpose of the vitamin, which is to increase pregnancy likelihood.
To be honest, if you eat a rounded diet, you don’t really need the vitamins. I never took any for my implant and it healed perfectly fine.
To summarize, no you won’t grow boobs, no taking them for a few weeks should not have any adverse effects, and 1 a day should be more than plenty. You can also eat the gummy vitamins and get almost the exact same effect


Ah thank you for that info i already bought them so i will use them but thanks for the info now im not so stressed anymore


Dude those are vitamins, not hormones…


Okay big duth its not that i take woman birth pills so i would know that

I had a long discussion with my pharmacist about buying those.

tell me something i know he tought my gf was pregnant he dint understand how this would work and why i dit this chip what a hell was it to explain

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Haha lol no I had an interested partner to talk to, I explained her it somehow helps with implant encapsulation.
She proceeds with explaining how that works, asking some more implant related questions and then giving me the correct pills.

But now they know about it and will probably tell 2 or 3 people!