Preset RFID transponder

Given the troubles with the cloner for the time being, is it possible to get a pre configured RFID implant?

Issue :
I have an electric motorcycle and car. I have no petrol powered vehicles. To charge my EVs I use a variety of charging networks which all have different RFID cards, however I also have an EZ Charge Card which I can register across networks. I lose cards pretty regularly, and often forget them. Not good, I can usually call the network provider to get a remote start which helps, but only if my phone is charged, which it often is not :cry: .

Solution :
Implant a compatible RFID transponder with my EZ charge card ID. Smile, youtube, facebook, instagram, and otherwise show off.

Further info:
I am a professional EV motorcycle racer, do lots of cool stuff, and create cool power electroncs and problem solving devices for the EV industry. I also write a lot of software and have created a platform for a bionic eye.

I would really like to promote the idea of useful body augmentation to my audience and have other useful ways to use sensing magnets etc once I gather more info on the safety implications with power electronics.



Hi there EC… sorry for the delay… the forum was unstable on the server we crammed it onto, so we had to redeploy it onto its own dedicated machine. It should be more reliable now :slight_smile:

Do you have any idea what kind of transponder the EZ Charge Card is? Is it 125kHz or 13.56MHz? Finding out more about this card is going to be critical before proceeding with choice of implant.

You might be able to test the EZ Charge Card with an NFC capable Android phone. Install TagInfo from NXP, ensure NFC is turned on, and attempt to scan the EZ Charge Card. If you get a result, let us know!

I’ve just located a local dealership with EZ Charge Cards so I’ll see I can drop by and try to scan one.