Probably self injected into muscle. How hard is the removal?

Self-installed a NExT myself last month with no issues. Just got an XM1+ and had a friend install since I didn’t trust myself to do it with my non-dominant hand.

I believe I messed up my install. The video is here:
It looks like it went into muscle tissue, and I want to know if I should open it back up and remove it. It’s not painful (no sharp pain) but it’s extremely sore and I can’t feel the chip under my skin (my other chip in my left hand is noticeable under the skin and clear as day). I have a feeling the worst-case scenario has happened. It’s been less than 24H since the install. Any advice?

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I’ve self installed a few but I’m no professional. My completely unprofessional opinion, its fine. Wait it out. I’m sure others will chime in.

Now lets talk about your aseptic practices…


Set up a sterile field, everyone involved or even in the room sterilized 2x with chlorhexadine and my friend who did the injection used gloves and sterilized with rubbing alcohol as well. uber clean working space. I took no risks on infection but I am afraid of complications relating to having it in my muscle tissue. Maybe it’s not a big deal, but I was afraid of any detriment to my mobility or dexterity.

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I did a self install as well but I put the chip in my dominant hand.
Unless you used some inter-muscular numbing agent you would definitely feel the needle penetrate. When I was injecting into my hand I could feel it getting close to muscle tissue so I could back off. This is also one of the reasons I wouldn’t want to numb the muscle.

I’m with @turbo2ltr on this one, it’s probably fine.


Yeah… the angle wasn’t great, but I’d say wait. The xM1 is 3mm and the needle does some damage going in so it’s probably going to be well swollen for a while.


Thanks guys, I think we’re good, and based on multiple observations it seems as if it’s probably not in the muscle, probably laying up right against it deeper in the fascia layer and may just need some time to lower swelling and become visible. Buying a proxmark and gonna see how well it reads. You guys are the bomb.

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I put 5 in myself and one of them i went in too deep when the injection hole healed i pushed the chip up and brought it more to the surface. I had to keep playing with it and eventually it stayed.


I used an elma patch, and I think I could feel the muscle and backed off. It was an awkward angle too so I don’t know if it’s just really close to the muscle or in it.

Have you only just now implanted it?
Any photos or better yet video?
in what position? R0 / L0?

Did you do bevel up or bevel down?
Sounds like a self install :interrobang:
Did you approach from the Top or bottom of Thenar space (Webbing L0 /R0 - From finger end or wrist end?)

When you withdrew, did you drop the approach angle?

I dropped someone could see the implant inserted under the skin. Today swelling went down and no pain and I can feel it with my finger laying over the muscle, it seems to have stabilized, I have perfect flexibly and grip, it doesn’t move