Problems with xEM

So, I implanted my xEM today, and have been trying to set it up to be a clone of my work ID. Having identified my work ID badge as an HID using my new proxmark, I attempted to clone it to the xEM using

lf hid clone ************

with the appropriate number. However, on reading the xEM using

lf t55xx detect

I now get that block 0 reads 0xA01780BE. Have I bricked it? I can of course provide other information, to be honest I’m not sure exactly what you need. Any advice is welcome.

Edit: A bit of followup. I read through the proxmark logfile, block 0 was 0xA01780BE before I attempted to clone it. As far as I can tell, this indicates that there is a password (in block 7, which is unreadable.) I found 2 passwords known to be associated to cloners, and neither of them works. Is this just bad from the manufacturer?

Honestly, at this point I’m wondering if I should take it out before it heals over.

Edit: To be clear, according to the proxmark, and the datasheet, A01780BE indicates that PWD=1 and MAXBLK=5, so unless there is a password that has been intentionally set, I don’t know how I could recover it. It still is readable as an EM4100 tag, but not writable. I am sometimes getting different readings (as in, the dump will not be the same twice in a row…) but some skimming of the proxmark forum indicates that that is a consequence of the fact that the proxmark has to guess at the modulation of the T55xx. Honestly, I’m a little to green to know what to do here, and I’m leaning towards taking it out while I still can. Is there anyone who has advice? I’ll hold off for at least a day.

Sometimes the standard proxmark antennas read a false positive for Block 0. I’ve seen all sorts of strange things

  1. Try and get your implant exactly perpendicular with but over the top of the edge of the coil.

  2. Make sure that EVERY TIME you try and do an lf t55xx dump / read that you do the lf t55xx detect first

  3. To make sure that you are getting a clean dump / read after doing the lf t55xx detect, issue an lf t55 trace. If you can read the traceability data you are in the right spot position wise. If not keep slightly re-positioning until you get a clean read, And then try the lf hid clone command.

Can you do an lf t55xx dump when in a good position as explained above and paste it here?