Programador Azul VS Blanco

Buenas Amigos!!!

Comenzaré comentando que ya por fin, me implante el chip NEXT,
Estoy muy contento, prácticamente ni sentí el pinchazo.
Ahora me surgen algunos problemas infelizmente.

Compré primero el modelo Led, por equivocación, pensando que me serviría para abrir puertas, menos mal que lo probé primero antes de insertarmelo…

Compré un segundo chip, modelo NEXT, con la experiencia del primero, lo abri de su embalaje para verificar su funcionamiento, siendo un éxito, es lo que necesitaba.
Lo programe con un programador Chino Azul, y funcionaba a la perfección pero siguiendo consejos de un compañero del Foro, decidí no implantarmelo por haber perdido la esterilización.

Compré un tercer chip NEXT, sabiendo que era el modelo correcto, este último me lo he implantado sin abrirlo lógicamente.
Lo he programado con un programador Blanco, y cual es mi sorpresa cuando lo pasó por el control de acceso, no funciona… Lo puedo leer con el Azul, pero no le puedo escribir con el Azul. Parece que el formato es diferente,
Con el Blanco lo puedo leer y escribir pero no me lo acepta el control de acceso, en cambio el chip del mismo modelo que no me implante, y que programe con el Azul, funciona correctamente.
Alguien sabe cómo desbloquear? Formatear? Reparar?..
Mi control de acceso es RFID 125KHz …

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Good friends!!!

I will start by commenting that finally, I implanted the NEXT chip,
I’m very happy, I hardly felt the pinch.
Now I have some problems unfortunately.

I bought the Led model first, by mistake, thinking that it would help me to open doors, thank goodness I tried it first before inserting it …

I bought a second chip, model NEXT, with the experience of the first, I opened it from its packaging to verify its operation, being a success, it is what I needed.
I programmed it with a Blue Chinese programmer, and it worked perfectly but following the advice of a fellow member of the Forum, I decided not to implant it due to having lost sterilization.

I bought a third NEXT chip, knowing that it was the correct model, the latter I have implanted without logically opening it.
I have programmed it with a White programmer, and what is my surprise when it passed through access control, it does not work … I can read it with Blue, but I cannot write to it with Blue. It seems that the format is different,
With White I can read and write it but the access control does not accept it, instead the chip of the same model that I did not implant, and that I programmed with Blue, works correctly.
Anyone know how to unlock? Format? Fix?..
My access control is RFID 125KHz …

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Another one falls victim to the white cloner…

The crappy chinese cloners are pretty bad but the white one seems to do something really bad to T5577 chips for some reason… especially when coupling is not as good as a fob or card.

I think your best chance without buying more hardware is to try to wait 2 weeks for swelling to go down and then try to use the white cloner to again copy the source fob to the NExT chip. These cloners all set some kind of password on the T5577 so a fob written with the white cloner will not be writable with the blue cloner, etc.

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Hey there,

So I will give you some links, they SHOULD help you out, Bear in mind the syntax has likely changed but the passwords and general principle of the unlocking should be the same, ie. just step through the commands a little at a time

Of course if you get stuck, just ask

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