Programmable microchip

Hi. I would like to get a microchip and electromagnetic transmitter + receiver implanted into me and have a series of buttons implanted in my fingers that I can use to control the microchip. I realise how insane that sounds, but why not? I’d need to be able to write code that I can load onto the microchip so for example, I push button 1 then the microchip sends stores some information and sends signal 1 to the EM transmitter. To kick things up a notch I was thinking of getting one of those hearing implants so I can get feedback and messages from the microchip so I know it’s all working properly and be able to receive information from it.

How much would a setup like this cost me? Can I get all the bits and pieces through dangerousthings?

Yeah that’s not happening. We’re not there yet technologically speaking.

Definitely post to though… some people there have similar ideas, and it might be possible that someone there has worked out at least part of these requirements.

Thanks. I’ll bring the thread to For an implant that can actually receive signals from other implants and perform logical operations based on those signals I’d need a microcontroller right? I see RFID microchips are cheap these days, are these limited to storing data?

What are the technological limitations preventing me from implementing something like this? I read that push button implants are relatively straight forward, I’d imagine they could feature an active RFID tag that can transmit a very weak radio signal that could be picked up by another RFID tag implant. I suppose a programmable implantable RFID microcontroller would be fairly advanced technology. The hearing implant too.

the primary issue - power source. batteries explode.

secondary issues - nothing compared to the battery issue.

Ah, I see. Are the only implantable RFID devices passive in that case?

currently yes, they are all inductively powered (passive) devices.