Programmable RFID stickers?

I am looking to see if my HID RFID condo fob could be programmed onto a sticker that I can use on my phone case. I realize that isn’t dangerous per say, but it’s convenient and figured this forum would have the means or suggest where I could get this done

implant or not, Welcome to the forum

Certainly, ask away my friend.
The more information you can furnish us with the easier, faster and more thorough we can help you…


Can you scan it with NFC TagInfo? Note: If it’s a low frequency technology like HID Prox, your phone won’t be able to read it.

Here is the link for the android version:

If it’s LF 125

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In fact, I wouldn’t be too worried about using a blue cloner on a sticker. The stakes are pretty low when it’s not under your skin.

Granted, the best tool for messing around with RFID stuff is the Proxmark3.

This is the fob, no NFC TagInfo does not see it. It’s a fob for opening my condo door, I dislike carrying keys and would like to program this onto a flat sticker to put into a phone case if possible

I’d recommend maybe a DT diagnostic card to verify the reader is 125, but sure sounds like it

That’s a HID ProxKey II fob. It’s indeed an LF chip. AFAIK, it should be cloneable to one of the T5577 stickers Eriequiet linked.

Amal mentions it here, albeit a bit unsure:

For that purpose, the blue cloner is a decent and cheap option. However, Dangerous Things doesn’t sell them anymore, and the ones you can get on Amazon or AliExpress aren’t always guaranteed to support HID. The Proxmark 3 Easy is the better option, but it’s much more complicated to set up, and not ideal for cloning a single fob. If you have any lasting interest in RFID, it’s a good investment though.

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In theory I’d offer to clone it using my proxmark, but that gets problematic

I’d probably just do a blue cloner if that’s all you want

I believe its 13.56 MHz, which according to this reddit thread is cloneable with a proxmark 3

What phone did you use to scan it?
Unless it’s a mifare classic your phone should detect almost all 13.56… and even then a lot of androids can detect mifare classic

This is why I recommend getting a xDC and holding it up to the reader to see if 125 or 13.56

Where are you?

There might be someone willing to meet you somewhere, check your fob and even clone it to a sticker for you.

But it will depend on where you are of course.

Pixel 3

Portland, OR I found a guy here actually that has a proxmark 3 that might be able to do it, awaiting his response

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Funny that a side effect of our little hobby is that we’ve all turned into RFID specialists whom more than a few folks who have zero interest in implants turn to for technical help :slight_smile:

Not yet. You’ll get your sticker onto your phone, it’ll work and all. And then one day you’ll forget your phone and you’ll lock yourself out, and you’ll think “Hmm… Those guys over at the, maybe they’re on to something…”

It’s only the first step my friend. The RFID sticker is the gateway drug. That’s why we’re answering, to get you hooked :slight_smile:


I was THIS CLOSE to mentioning, “if you just get a NExT implant both 13.56 and 125 are covered”


I’m in Lincoln City myself, I will be over in Portland soon ish. I have a Proxmark3 Easy, Diagnostic card, and even a T5577 sticker or two.

Let me know if you need assistance.

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A sticker is a good idea, Personally if I wasn’t doing an implant, I would put a T5577 card inside my phone cover, if it fits.
You will likely get better performance from a card than a sticker.

Something like this


That’s what I did before I was implanted to check that I was capable of cloning


ok awesome, please let me know if you do visit Portland anytime soon, happy to pay for your time

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