Programming Basic Info

Hi Everyone,

I hope this is not a totally stupid question. My boss just recently got an RFID implant, but has no idea how to program it. He just wants to put his basic info on it for now (like what would be on a business card). How should he proceed to do this?


Not stupid at all… what is the product he has?

xNt installazione kut
ISO14443A/NFC Tipe2

He should be able to just download NFC Tools and go to town if I understand correctly.

ho dimenticato la password

Bummer … più scadente

There is no conventional way to recover the password, but if you set it with Dangerous NFC then the password is only used to write-protect the configuration bytes, not user memory.

When I first got my implant, the password was set to 0xffffffff.

This is the factory default password. There is no way to “unset” the password, there must always be a password of some sort… even if you try setting it to null 0x000000 then 0x000000 is your password. Even so, it is never recommended that the password be kept as the factory default value of 0xFFFFFF. Furthermore, AUTH0 should be set to at least E5 to protect the password memory page itself… otherwise anyone can overwrite the password without first having to authenticate with it. Ideally AUTH0 should be set to E2 to protect the configuration bytes, including AUTH0… because again, if AUTH0 is not set to at least protect itself, anyone can just change it to FF and then overwrite your password, then set AUTH0 to 04 or 00 and you’re screwed.