Prox MF32Key Attack

Hi. I was curious if anybody has ever performed an MFKey32 Attack using any of the ProxMarks? It would be nice to be able to so you aren’t forced to buy a Chameleon or make a device from scratch. Thanks.

Yes, you should just be able to sniff and then analyse the sniff on the proxmark. I’ve done it before (but only on test cards etc., not on a real system), hopefully others will chime in with the relevant commands or I’ll try to do a quick write-up in the morning.

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In terms of possibility, I found this file in the PM3 repo, so I’m assuming it’s possible. Other than that though, hopefully someone else can shed some light :slight_smile:

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Thanks. There is scant info on the topic. There’s plenty showing it done with the Chameleon but have found nothing w/ Prox3?! I just don’t really want to buy 2 things that are so similar- but sniffing is what I’m buying all of this for in the first place.

Ok, so I’ve just found the command again, it was hf mf sim x. Make sure you’re running the iceman / rrg branch of the proxmark3 software and give that a go. It should be quite / very automated.

Sorry about the delayed response!

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