Proxmark 3 Easy and Linux 🐧 call for help

When read this post (quoted below), I immediately knew as a community, we should be able to help @Backpackingvet out.
I continued to read the thread and saw it was happening, but it needed it’s own thread, and here we are!!!

I have only just started learning Linux so my skills are not good enough to directly help you, But what I can do is, create this thread and ask for help on your behalf.

Therefore @Backpackingvet
Where are you at with your install and what do you need :interrobang:

  1. If you were willing and somebody else was able, Maybe somebody could “remote in to” your computer, and help you through the installation of your PM3 Easy

  2. Then we should be able to remove the Blue Cloner Pin

Here is the rest of the conversation for continuity…

What’s going on there?

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I honestly don’t know, I followed the instructions for Linux, but it won’t connect right for me. I might retry from the start again.
But I just think I am missing something on the install. @Pilgrimsmaster had me going in the right direction, but I will retry and post the results here

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Hey do you use Linux on a daily basis or is it purely for the pm3?

Daily. Mainly because it was a free os. I know it isn’t really for people like me.

It’s for everyone imo. Some distros maybe not but for most people’s needs there is nothing that makes it particularly harder than windows, it’s just what most people are used to. IMO.

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Oh don’t worry I’m still a bit green with Linux (1 step up from noob) but I much prefer it. Only reason my daily driver is windows is because of my partner, plus I game alot which does tend to work better on Windows.

100% agree @leumas95 infact for my son I’ve introduced him to Linux on a network (puppy linux) simple and easy to use with no clutter.

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If it’s Linux I’m happy to help out. :slight_smile:

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I knew you would, :+1:
I should have just called this thread.
“Hey @leumas95 could you help out @Backpackingvet with his PM3 Easy on Linux :penguin:
But that title wasn’t so catchy :grin:


I am open to this. I don’t believe I can even begin to explain it, I also think I might have just accidentally bricked it. I had it plugged in when I ran a command.
Edit: copy from terminal.

ty@MitchCampbell:~/proxmark3$ cd client
ty@MitchCampbell:~/proxmark3/client$ ./proxmark3 /dev/ttyACM0
[=] Session log /home/ty/.proxmark3/logs/log_20200605.txt
[=] Using UART port /dev/ttyACM0
unknown command:: 0x61334d50[!!] :rotating_light: ERROR: cannot communicate with the Proxmark

Have you flashed the PM3 firmware? Or is that what you’re trying to do. Could be a problem with mismatch of FW and client version?

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I think you nailed it. I think it’s a firmware issue and a flash would fix it.

I know it’s harder to get a bunch of fragmented instructions from multiple people than just one clear set from someone so I’ll let leumas answer but I wanted to give you hope that I don’t think it’s bricked.


I agree with @Locutus. Seems like it’s not flashed. What repository did you download? I’ll assume iceman as it’s the one I am more familiar with.

Since you have the client working I’m going to assume the build went fine.

Although if you’re using an easy just confirming you set PLATFORM in Makefile.platform to PM3OTHER before you ran make clean && make all.

To flash it, it should be as simple as running ./pm3-flash-all, I have heard with some you need to hold down the button during flashing but this doesn’t seem to be the case with mine so not sure.

Assuming that works ./pm3 should connect you to the pm3 automatically.

If you have any errors send a copy of the commands and output.

If you’re really struggling, I’ll install it from scratch myself on Ubuntu (I think I recall you used Ubuntu in another thread) and just make a script for you to run. :sweat_smile: