Proxmark 3 Order

Hi guys i have finally order my proxmark 3 and RFID Diagnostic Card. so my question is will i get any tracking number and i have selected DHL express how long it will take to deliver. Thanks

Where are you?

I select USPS and I always get a tracking number so if they can then I think you will.

Usually they ship my orders within one business day so the rest of your question is going to depend on how far away you are, and whether they have to deal with customs at all.

I live in canada i have selected DHL because i want proxmark early :sweat_smile:. I have made order last night i got emails with my order number but there is no tracking number. Neither i got any email today about shipment

I hope that helps

I got 3 emails 1st one is for Receipt, 2nd email states order has been received, and 3rd is for my order invoice

If I was in your situation, I would not be concerned in the slightest…it will either be delivered (most likely scenario) or it will be replaced by DTs amazing service

Keep an eye out in both your inbox and mail box…something will show up

Ok thanks hope they delivered fast. The estimated time was 26th or 27th oct when i selected DHL express.

Friday night is usually after the carriers have picked up. Some carriers will pick up on Saturday, but not all. I would not be surprised if the package isn’t picked up until Monday (the 25th) at that point you might get a tracking number sent to you. That should still have a good chance if getting to you by the 27th.