Proxmark wipe error "failed to load key file"

So I got my xSIID put in today and of coarse wanted to start messing with it right away. BUT, knowing my limits, I decided to start messing with a tag that doesn’t require minor surgery if I screw it up… and i did screw it up (luckily not the one in my hand). I am trying to “wipe” this Mifare 1k card using proxmark 3 easy in proxspace but I keep getting this error I can’t seem to find an answer to “Error - can’t find hf-mf-3C387A34-key.bin
[-] failed to load key file”. Anyone have any idea what I’m missing here?

Screenshots of what you’re trying to do and the result would be extremely helpful

I actually solved this. I wrote a new post with a slightly different problem and it turns out they were related. I replied to my own post with the solution.

I did have trouble uploading screen shots though. Just got weird broken links but I wrote out the process.

I don’t think it was a difficult problem for people who have experience, but there was no clear solution for us newbies anywhere I could find. We could probably just delete this post altogether.

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