Proxmark3 cloning fob with two types

Hello all, the other day I tried cloning a fob that read back as both HID and Indala. Attempted to copy both onto a generic lf fob, and was able to clone the Indala successfully, but the HID seemed to kill the fob. It would no longer recognize it after the clone. I tried using all methods. including trying to use the binary.
I’m assuming it’s because I didn’t use a T55x7, Q5/T5555 or EM4305/4469 like it recommended? Also I’m very new to this and haven’t encountered a fob with two types, two card numbers, facility codes etc. yet. Am I able with the right fob to just clone both one after the other? Any insight is appreciated, pictures and pm3 logs attached, cheers.
Running Proxmark3 Easy with appropriate software.

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you can’t overwrite these fobs. they’re read only. you need to use a t5577/em4305

when cloning you only need to clone the HID as the indala is just a response to raw data