Proxmark3 easy problems

Hello @amal or anyone who can help,

This is maybe just an beginner issue but I’m stuck.

I ordered the Proxmark3 easy from DT and today it was in my mailbox. Even it comes with the Iceman firmware preinstalled, I followed the instructions here:

Getting started with the proxmark3 easy - DT Info - Dangerous Things Forum

Everything worked out just fine until I run “hw tune” which told me that the “HF antenna is UNUSABLE”

Here are the results from "hw version"

I checked in the forum and on google for a very long time but wasn’t able to find anything. What am I doing wrong?

What voltage output do you get, when running ‘hf tune’?

it runs and tries a range of voltage something between 20mV and 40mV but it’s so fast and kind of hard to tell


Does the voltage change noticeably it you put a card on the antenna?

if it drops a bit, try to see if you can read it with ‘hf search’

Edit: I see it states 0v in your picture. It should be around 32V, dropping to 30V when presenting a card…

If it was the LF antenna I’d suggest unscrewing it, but the HF is integrated, leading me to believe you have a faulty board :-/

I can’t tell you anything about the voltage on the HF side because it doesn’t work in the first place. Here is the screenshot from the “hw tune” command:

The “hf tune” command is trying to get anything from the HF part of the pm3 by testing different voltages, but this is unsuccessful and the command keeps testing forever.

In the 3. line where you can see [=] 34 mV / 0 V / 0 Vmax the 34 mV part is changing quickly in a range from about 20 mV to about 39 mV(it’s too fast to be precise).

I was wondering if there’s anything in the parameters which disables or enables the HF portion on the pm3. Since I’ve used the latest firmware from:

RfidResearchGroup/proxmark3: RRG / Iceman repo, the most totally wicked repo around if you are into Proxmark3 (

@amal: Should I write you an pm or an email?

The orange help button in the bottom right of the website is the fastest way to get ahold of them. You can even provide a link to this thread in the description if you want.

ticket received.

como lo solucionastes? yo estoy con el mismo problema.

Is your problem EXACTLY the same?
If not can you describe the issue(s) and provide screenshots if possible?

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con mi proxmark3 easy

me cuesta mucho leer mi NExT porque está profundo, pero jugando a encontrarlo cada vez me da una lectura diferente con el Proxmark3 easy. No se cual es la lectura buena nunca.

ambos son del mismo chip NExT con diferentes posiciones de lectura.

The first post shows that you are using a PM3 RDV4 firmware on a generic device, probably a Proxmark3 Easy. When you compile the firmware you need to change a setting in the configuration file. See [Getting started with the proxmark3 easy] and look for the section marked Makefile.platform

Once you have fixed that we can look at the next steps.


solucionado cambiando el makefile.platform :wink:


ahora el pm3 funciona correctamente las 2 antenas, tengo el firmware bien compilado y todo funciona correctamente con tarjetas para clonar, el problema lo tengo con mi NExT que me cuesta mas de 30 intentos el encontrarlo. Pero cada vez que lo encuentro me da unos códigos diferentes. como en esta imagen.

3 posts más arriba tenia otros valores. Hoy solo lo he podido alcanzar con una lectura y no se si volverá a darme mas valores diferentes.
Existe un proxmark más potente para leer el NExT? con el RDV y la antena los leeria mejor?

Yes, the RDV4 and LF might work better. But what you are seeing is the same as I see when using “auto” or “lf search”. Try using some of the specific commands for a t55xx or em instead.

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The pm3 has a hard time detecting an unconfigured or misconfigured T5577 using the lf search or auto commands… try lf t5 detect and maybe try writing an EM clone ID to it … then lf search or auto should find it.