Proxmark3 Easy setup for linux

Hello. I saw that the Dangerous Things YouTube channel has a getting started tutorial for Windows 10, but not any Linux distros. The videos mentioned that the Dangerous Things Proxmark3 Easy ships with the iceman branch of the firmware. Anyway, I was basically wondering what resources/guides to follow that will work with the firmware that ships from Dangerous Things. Does this look like the right one? I was also somewhat worried about bricking my Proxmark3 Easy. I saw warnings about that on the GitHub page. I am using pop! os, which was not explicitly mentioned on the list of Linux distros on the GitHub page. Is using Linux too risky? What resources should I use? Can I unbrick my board if something goes wrong?


I am SHIT with Linux, but that is the one I followed.
I am running Kali, and it all worked fine.

There are far more experienced Linux users on here, so feel free to wait for them to reply.

but as I say, This amateur :penguin: had no issues

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Pop!_OS is Ubuntu-based, so use the instructions for Ubuntu and you should be fine.

The warning about bricking is mostly concerned with ModemManager on Linux. If you don’t plan on using 3G/4G/5G cellular wireless on your machine, the easiest way to avoid trouble is to remove it entirely. Otherwise, it’s a little more involved to filter out the Proxmark3.

How much effort it will take to unbrick it will depend on how badly it gets bricked. There is always JTAG flashing, so it’s unlikely it will be lost forever, but will take a lot more effort.

Follow the instructions completely, make sure to disable or filter ModemManager, and don’t disconnect or otherwise disrupt the connection during flashing and you should be fine.