ProxMark3 not showing up after sitting in box for 12 months

So, long story short, about 12 months ago the proxmark I bought from dangerousthings was working fine, all functional. fast forward to this morning, when starting the proxmark3 software, it does not connect, and using sudo dmesg | grep -i "usb" does not show any connection, nor does any serial port get opened on a windows device.

This puzzles me as all it has done for the last 12 months is sit inside of the box it came with, and now it is not working. I’m using the cable that was given to me with it, and have tried on 3 major operating systems (Arch linux, macos, and windows) all to no success.

What can i do at this point? The LED’s flash all colors, then stay red for a second, and the LED on the FPGA side simply stays white. Holding down the button while powering on the device leads to it having orange and green LED’s lit, alongside the white one, but still displays nothing in dmesg.


Sorry, I will do what I can, I am in the middle of a bunch of “things” so will answer you as and when I can
So for now, Let’s try this in Steps:

Can you take a photo of your set-up

ProxMark plugged into Puter

Sure thing, here you go.

Just I suspected

Plug that bitch into the top (Short Side) and you should be good to go

Don’t feel bad, you are not the first, and wont be the last

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Hi, many thanks for the swift reply, but unfortunately, that does not solve my issue, as it still does not show up in dmesg nor does the proxmark3 utility automatically detect it and connect. If I hold down the button on the side, however, it does show up in dmesg, but still refuses to connect automatically with the proxmark utility. From here, should I simply build and flash a new version of the proxmark firmware onto it as per here?

I would, I don’t fuck around chasing my tail

Personally I would follow Amals guide

I did make an abridged version, that I have used myself a few times if you want to try that

Which ever you choose,

If you get an error

Reply back here so we can walk you through a solution…hopefully

I see Amal replying, Wait to see what he says first

I’d get new firmware, compile, plug pm3 in with button to get connection… then run pm3-flash-bootrom and let that finish successfully. Wait 5 seconds. Remove power. Plug in again with button down. Get connection. Run pm3-flash-fullimage. Wait 5 seconds. Unplug. Plug in normally. You should have connection. Run pm3 client.

Upon running the pm3-flash-bootrom tool, despite the fact that a dmesg event is generated confirming the connection, the tool is left at [=] Waiting for Proxmark3 to appear..., what now? (This occurs running it as su, and --list displays [!!] No port found)

Update: For some reason doing it on windows instead of linux makes it work, now fixed, thank you so much!


I had the same issue and turns out my USB cable was power only with no data lines. Try to validate the cable does have data with another device. I got stuck on the issue for hours…

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I had this also… came to recommend a cable check
There’s some thread where I was live streaming my frustration via text when I figured it out

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