Proxmark3 or Pegoda translate Milfare Plus se 1k slo in sl3

Hello, I have empty Milfare Plus SE 1k cards in sl0 mode. We need to translate them to sl3, but I don’t understand how this can be done. There are 2 encoders Proxmark3 and nxp pegoda ev710 with the program RfidDiscover Tell me the instructions for one of them.Thank you in advance

This feels like an esoteric access control industry issue vs a general RFID kind of question. I don’t think anyone here will have much information about this particular problem. The entire industry surrounding access control has their own terminology (like “encoder”) and approach to using RFID transponders within the access control environment that does not really translate well.

I could be wrong though… anyone here every mess around with mifare access control encoders?

I think you’re right, last time I was helped with hacking mifare classic, so I tried to write a question, maybe I’ll be lucky

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