Proxmark3 setup issue

So I have been following @amal set up fo rthe Proxmark3 but I ran into an issue during the hw tune section.
For whatever reason the High Frequency reads as “HF antennae is UNUSABLE”

but the lf antenna OK ?

Can you try an hf tune

and present a card and let us know the voltages

as the HF antenna is built onto the main board (bottom) tightening the screws probably won’t help.
However, just make sure it away from metal surfaces when running the tuning

That should do for a start.

although you may have already tried those…

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Yeah it says its okay.

So it doesn’t change when a card is presented. the mV ranges from from 339-349ish either way.

Could it be that it says this?
[+] Displaying LF tuning graph. Divisor 88 (blue) is 134.83 khz

Confirm the firmware and client match. HF antenna issues are extremely rare because the antenna is part of the main PCB so it’s likely another problem like firmware version mismatch.

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I’m well aware this is a very noob question but how do I check those?
Is the issue that I used the most current software V. 3.10 instead of V. 3.7.1 that you show in the write up?

Run the client with the proxmark attached and show the output of hw version as well as hw status.

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I ended up deleting all the software and starting from scratch. which seems to have fixed whatever I did wrong.