Proxmark3 support


I’m interested in getting an implant but am wondering if there is anyone in the Sacramento (or surrounding areas) will to help me identify/clone my FOB.

Thanks for much for any leads/advice etc!

Thanks to Spudd Webb and the video game, NBA Jam. I know that Sacremento is North California, but does it count as the Bay area :man_shrugging:

So a starting point may be


and @RandoWithChip could be some good “local” points of contact

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Sacramento isn’t too far! My wife and I have done day trips there. The guy who did all of my installs is in San Jose and he’s awesome!

I have a Proxmark EZ and would absolutely be down to help out! I’m on the peninsula if you want to head down.


That would be great! I’d love to schedule a meet up to clone the FOB with you and your wife! And pick your brain about the person who implanted your chip! Is there a private chat function somewhere??

There are a couple of ways to do it, here’s one, Just tap on his username/ avatar and you will see this

Hmmm I don’t seem to have the ability to message other users. :confused:

I have just increased your user level.
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Let me know how you go…

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Whoo thanks!

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