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Take a look at this clip i did, does that mean that the implen will work? I get only the light but now number in the server…

There are two hurdles to overcome to answer this question. One of those questions is - will the antenna in this reader be able to supply enough energy to an implant to function. The xFD keychain suggests that yes this reader can supply enough energy.

The other question is - can I get an implant with a chip that is compatible with this system and that I can enroll with this system, or a chip I can clone the contents of an enrolled badge or fob or card into which is not relying on any kind of security mechanism which is uncracked or unbreakable at this time?

So two important facts, I have the next implant.
I have access to the server, the badge server so I can add the next number.

Its should work?

Maybe? I have no idea what format the readers can read but chances are very good the T5577 chip can be programmed to the necessary operating mode. Do you have a proxmark3?

Bugger, I composed a reply but didn’t “reply” here’s it is below, sorry its late.

Yes IF the NExT is compatiable.

Is it LF or HF
If LF the odds are very good, HOWEVER, even though you are in a position to enroll your NExT directly, when you recieve it, it will be in EM mode (very common for LF ) if your system uses HID for example, you will need a writer ( blue cloner / Proxmark3) to change modes.
If your system is HF, can you post a scan of your card from TagInfo ( Change your actual UID)
Then we can better guess if your NExT is compatiable.

All that being said, if you scan your NExT on a reader, followed by you genuine card, take note of the location and time, and if it shows up on your system, you could then directly enroll it.

so if looking at the video, its not definitely says my next will support?

You reader is either a Secukey S1-X or Secukey
S1-R or a Secukey S1-RX.

S1-X: supports 125 kHz EM & HID tags - probably compatible with NeXT.

S1-R: supports 125 kHz EM & HID tags - probably compatible with NeXT.

S1-XR: supports 125 kHz EM & HID tags and 13.56 MHz Mifare Classic cards - probably also compatible with the NeXT.

Have you tried to scan your card with the NXP Taginfo app on Android? If it comes up, it’s probably a Mifare Classic, which is not compatible with the Next (would need the xM1). But since it is a multi-technology reader, you could probably still enroll your NeXT.

Is your Next already implanted? Edit: Yes it is. I saw your othe thread. If you try bringing your implant close to the reader, does the light on the reader also flash?

If you have access to your badge server, you could just try to enroll it yourself. Scan your implant with the reader and the number should show up. If you are lucky, the Next is already configured for the right emulation, otherwise, you will have to chamge it with the Proxmark.

In the clip you are scanning the diagnostic keyring. The reason why the xFD doesn’t send a number to the server is because it is just a passive led and an antenna - there is no actual chip in it that would communicate with the reader, it is just powered off its field.

Side note: Secukey is a strange company, not a lot about them, all datasheets/manuals are encrypted for some reason. That’s why I can’t give you more details.


thanks for all the info!!
my implant is not yet In place :slight_smile: