Question about injection site of nfc tag

If I have a nfc implant that was injected into my right hand and a few days later I see 2 little bumps which is each end of the nfc tag. Could I not have implanted it deep enough that ithe possibly could come out?

pics would help here…

Looks like it could have been injected a little farther in (so the end of the implant does not end up right under the injection site) but I don’t see too much of an issue. If you flex your hand you will typically see the implant, but depends on the thickness of your dermis. My left one is in a different position than the right, as you can see the left is much more visible…but only if I flex hard. Normally you don’t see them at all.

Could it come up the the skin as old skin cells or tissue comes off over time??

Not unless your body has a reaction to it and rejects it. I’m no expert but I believe that scenario to be extremely rare. The bio-compatible glass used is very “invisible” to the body in that sense.

Sorry this is late, but …

If the implant was properly placed in the fascia tissue between dermis and muscle, it will not generally “change layers”… meaning it will not go down into muscle nor come up through dermis. Trauma, or constant pressure caused by external forces, i.e. repetitive use of the hand in a specific way that applies pressure to the implant site… those are the only ways typically an implant will migrate through tissue layers.