Question about NExT position

Hi guys!
Recently (14.10) I installed a NExT implant. I didn’t do it myself, but the person helping me was not very qualified. I can’t say whether it happened right away or whether the chip turned around later, but now it is in my position as in the photo. It seems to me that it does not create discomfort for me when it is in that position, but I cannot be sure of this. Sometimes I feel a little pain if I do actions with my hand that require strength, but it seems to me that the fact is that the skin has not completely healed (every day the pain is less and less). I wanted to ask if there are people here with a similar chip arrangement? Is this inconvenient for you, or is everything okay? Well, maybe someone can advise me, should I try to rotate the chip around its axis a little? It seems to me that it would be better if I could turn it around 45 degrees. But is it worth doing? I tried to do it by pinching it down a little with my finger, but it did not lead to anything. Try harder, or forget about this idea? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Yeah I’d wait and see if I still care next month.

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English is not Yekas first language… :de:

He’s a good dude, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t mean he won’t care.


His English is exceptional, so maybe he won’t care :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you not say it like that though?

I’d wait and see if I care.

And no @danij of course I’ll care if you do :slight_smile:


Yeah I’d wait and see if you still care next month.

Yeah okay, makes sense, kinda. In german I use both versions, but maybe it’s wrong there too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nah, I doesn’t really.

I would also form my sentence the same way Amal did.

English is weird.

In the above example, your German translation makes more sense, because the possession remains the same.

I would wait and see how I feel about it


I would wait and see how you feel about it

In our English version the possession changes from me to you, which is “wrong”
We should speak from our perspective or yours and not flip flop between them.

So alternatively, you could also say:

You should wait and see how you feel about it


It turned out to be a rather funny discussion because for me English is not my native language either, and until the last moment, I tried to understand which ‘possession’ you are talking about :smiley:
The last post made it all clear to me.
Yeah, I should probably just wait. I asked the question so early because I thought it might be better to try to rotate the chip now than trying to do it a month later when it’s could be finally healed.