Question about RFID and NFC injectable

I am wanting to purchase two chips one for payment other for unlocking doors or placing my resume on this chip.

Wonder if the technology is fare enough to allow me to program at least. Three thing to a RFID Chip and Two Payment options through one NFC chip. Kind of think stuff around biohacking is the future. The question is does the technology ready for me at this moment. Cause I will wait a couple of years until the technology catchup to my expectations.

Side question, I have for this community is there someone developing a implantable password manager/two-factor that will work with NFC and allow me to scan it on my phone and computer. Then work with websites URL to auto fill the results. kind of like what bitwarden, lastpass, and more. Figure this would be a lot more secure then the online options or even options like keepass.

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For payments, read this:

The Vivokey Flex (Due our very soon) will be able to securely store your 2FA keys allowing the Vivokey Authenticator app to generate 2FA codes. Currently there is no secure way to manage passwords within an implant and have them auto-retrieved depending on the URL you’re on.

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Alrighty well shit that sucks. Guess I’ll wait a few more years. Until the technology catches up to my expectations or until I can build it myself.

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Well actually wait! Can’t i just skim my own debit card and encode it on the NFC ship? Cause long as the debit card reader can get that number. It should just be able run it like another other NFC compatible payment software like android/apple pay. Cause all it is right is just a signal right? Samsung did something similar it’s just wouldn’t make limitations on the type of bank you use, tell me this is possible cause i’ll learn how if it’s possible.

Samsung pay, Android pay, apple pay, Google, pay etc don’t just send a signal. It’s a two way communication, and it’s not just the card number, it’s actually a token that represents your card, that token is negotiated and distributed between your phone and banking servers. The Samsung feature you’re thinking about is actually the card number, but that doesn’t actually go over nfc, that’s blasted out by magnetic pulse so the payment terminal thinks a card was actually swiped, it’s actually read by the card reader magnetic head.


Shoot well I got that analogy wrong.