question about the xM1 magic 1k implant

Hello, I have a question, will the xM1 magic 1k implant for $ 120 comply with the parameters from the photo below? my point is to be able to copy the card to the lock and make it work

NFC Tools doesn’t handle chip identification as well as Taginfo.
But from what I can see, yes, it looks compatible.

If possible could you try this one.
I would be more confident confirming with TagInfo

this is what the tag in taginfo looks like that I would like to copy

Yep, any of these will be compatiable xM1, FlexM1, FlexMT.

There is just one more thing to consider, which is whether the reader is “looking” for “magic” chips.

If so, you would need to get a FlexM1 gen2.

HERE is some reading for you.

I am looking for something to copy a paste that is a card for a lock from an apartment

Well, that is a tag.

But from that photo we know next to nothing about it.

Does your phone have NFC? If so can you try scanning that tag with an app like Taginfo?

If that doesn’t work I would guess that it is a Low Frequency RFID tag. You could make certain by purchasing a diagnostic card and holding it up to the reader, or using a Proxmark3 Easy to scan the tag.

Once we know what kind of tag it is it is much easier to make a suggestion. Then there is the question of do you want an implant, a wearable, or just another tag or card?

He already posted the TagInfo scans higher up in this thread.

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I wasn’t sure if it was the same chip…

Assuming that you don’t want an implant then your best bet would be to order a magic card gen 2 and use your phone to copy the tag.

Proxmark3 would be best for that. You can find a PM3 Easy on the DT store or on Aliexpress for pretty cheap

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The ingot is a card for the classic 1k home lock, and I wanted to ask if it would work after being copied to this implant. magic 1k implant for $ 120, I was able to open the door with my hand.

If the card is a 1K and the implant is a 1K, it should work theoretically. All you’d need to do is dump the contents on to the implant and make sure that the UIDs match. Some locks/access controllers might be able to detect Magic chips but I’m sure it’s typically not the case.

then which implant would you recommend xM1 “magic” 1k for $ 120 or flexM1 “Magic” 1k and if the more expensive one, then in version 1 or 2

If it detects a magic card then you would need the gen 2. But you can test this with a magic card before you get an implant to make sure it is the right one.

U nas poza wwa przeprowadza ktoś instalację flexów?