Question on which implants to get


I am looking to get two implants, one in each hand. I want to get a 13.56MHz and a 125kHz implant, because, from what I have read, somethings use each one. So might as well get one of each. So I am planning on getting the xEM RFID Chip and either the xDF2 DESFire EV2 8kB NFC or xNT NFC Chip. Is there a difference between the xDF2 and the xNT, or is the xDF2 just a better one that stores more?


The xNT is just an NTAG216 chip that you can write small bits of data to (called NDEF records). It works for text, URLs, long passwords, or maybe a small image.

The xDF2 has much more memory space (about 10x more IIRC). It’s a more advanced tag that is intended to have little applications frameworks. It’s a bit more involved to set up, but once you do you can use it just like the xNT, only bigger. Here’s a thread where briefchase talks about setup (it’s for the flexDF, but they use a similar chip AFAIK):


So, should I just go for the xDF2 then, since it is basically just an upgrade?


You can 100% however sometimes it won’t always work with things designed for Mifare Ultralights. But for most things like phones and computers it’ll be fine.