Question on which implants to get

I am looking to get two implants, one in each hand. I want to get a 13.56MHz and a 125kHz implant, because, from what I have read, somethings use each one. So might as well get one of each. So I am planning on getting the xEM RFID Chip and either the xDF2 DESFire EV2 8kB NFC or xNT NFC Chip. Is there a difference between the xDF2 and the xNT, or is the xDF2 just a better one that stores more?

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The xNT is just an NTAG216 chip that you can write small bits of data to (called NDEF records). It works for text, URLs, long passwords, or maybe a small image.

The xDF2 has much more memory space (about 10x more IIRC). It’s a more advanced tag that is intended to have little applications frameworks. It’s a bit more involved to set up, but once you do you can use it just like the xNT, only bigger. Here’s a thread where briefchase talks about setup (it’s for the flexDF, but they use a similar chip AFAIK):

So, should I just go for the xDF2 then, since it is basically just an upgrade?

You can 100% however sometimes it won’t always work with things designed for Mifare Ultralights. But for most things like phones and computers it’ll be fine.