Question RE: chip placment and phone use

As I am going to be getting my implants sooner rather than later at this point I have a query regarding how to organize my implants.

I use my phone mostly in my left hand as it lives in my left pocket, it is a S9.

I am planning on getting a Spark and a NeXT, would it be wiser to put the Spark in my left hand between the thumb and finger rather the Next? Does anyone have a issue with their phone reading the implant accidentally while using their phone in the same hand as a chip with data written to it?

I don’t have any issues with my OnePlus activating either my blade or webbing chips. At least for me, the antenna isn’t near my implants, and even when they are, the signal the phone sends out doesn’t seem to be nearly strong enough for it to be a concern.

I can really only get them to activate if I’ve got the coil directly on a chip on purpose

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If you’re right handed, you should put it in your left hand if you plan on using the chip to log into computers also - simply because the mouse is on your right. Otherwise I suppose it’d be more convenient in the right hand to use with a phone, as you don’t have to switch hand. Having said that, my NFC chip is in my left hand, I switch hand when I scan it, and it doesn’t bother me one bit.

As for accidental reads, they’re highly unlikely regardless of where you implant the chip, considering how finicky most phones are with antenna placement.

Seconded. It’s finicky already to have a read on purpose, let alone an accidental one.

Good to know, I feel like I can read hotel cards from what feels like a mile away for NFC standards with my phone so I wasn’t sure.

Something else for you to consider
I put this together in the WIKI - BEGINNERS GUIDE to implants & becoming a cyborg 🤖

Have a look in the WHERE SHOULD I PUT IT section

Just another option for you…

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I have issues with accidental reads of my xnt in the webbing of my left hand when laying in bed watching YouTube while holding my phone in landscape with my left hand. I wouldn’t use that issue to influence my installation decision. With that said my spark is on top of my left forearm and I like it there. (I’m right handed)