Question - Why did you get your first implant

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I’m a feature writer for Rewired, a new magazine about how technology shapes our identities, and I’m writing a piece about body hacking. I was wondering whether any of you would be happy to answer a few questions about body hacking for me to include in it.

why did you get your first implant? was it painful? What does it do? how far would you take body hacking - are you content with the implants you’ve got, or do you hope to get more and more?

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As soon as i found out ‘body hacking’ was a thing, i saw nothing but potential. When the idea of having a chip in ur hand to paypass, share business cards or even unlock doors, i wanted nothing less then to be at the forefront of this revolutionary development and maybe somehow contribute. Therefore the moment i found out it was now possible to implant such chips (taking into account the health and safety of myself and long term effects), within hours i purchased my very own.

If you’re personally not a fan of needles, your mind might hype the pain. but when it comes down to it, its a needle, would hurt the same amount as getting a flu shot, just with a slightly bigger needle.

personally, goals for my chip implants are to unlock home security, log into personal devices and store personal information safely.

Obviously, i’m quite interested within the bio-hacking field, but i don’t plan on getting a robotic arm or eye. im liking the little additions, such as the chip as well as the magnet that gives me extras that others don’t have, to have senses I’ve never felt before. id take body hacking as far as creating more convenience in my life to the highest extent. however, the line is drawn when it comes to replacing my natural born human function. like i see potential in having a robotic eye, but i would only use this technology as far as additions to my body, not replacing my limbs or bodily functions.

hope this helped!

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why did you get your first implant?
I was always interested in technology after reading about this technology I was very curious that his is possible. Here in Austria it is a bit difficult to get chipped (very strict bodymodifaction rules)

was it painful?
No, it was like: “Thats It”

What does it do?
1st Implant: unlocking my phone, sharing my vcard

2nd implant: unlocking my phone, traintickets, passwort manager, sharing the vcard

3rd implant: opening the quick vent safe and hopefully soon my car

how far would you take body hacking - are you content with the implants you’ve got, or do you hope to get more and more?

Getting more implants :slight_smile: I have also a magnet in my left ringfinger and hopefully soon I will get the xBT implanted.

for a school project, when i was in grade 9 my mecatronics project was a arduino based access controller much smarter and better than the access controller that you can get from as i included an app as well as a way to monitor how often u use the access controller.

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I was 17 bored as hell and wanted to freak people out for shits and giggles at highschool, I did it myself, I used cold water to numb it and it hurt a little. I have it unlock a password safe and change my phone’s brightness. It also unlocks my computer. I want more implants and I’d like for contactless payment to come out. After about a month of showing kids at school people began calling me cyborg and people I’d never seen before began talking to me, it was pretty neat for what I intended to be a party trick.


Agree completely, from the mind of a person inclined to reading BBC focus magizine and has a raspberry pi the possibilitys are endless!