Questions about FlexDF and xDF2

Hello all, I’m looking to acquire an NFC-capable implant with a large amount of NDEF storage space (>4kb), and so far this has lead me to either the FlexDF or the xDF2. From the product pages, it seems that these chips are able to store NDEF data and be read by a smartphone (OnePlus 6T), but I am not completely sure.

Which version would you recommend? It seems the xDF2 has a newer version of the chip, but the FlexDF has better read range. Additionally, the xDF2 seems MUCH less painful for implantation than the FlexDF, though an EMLA patch is always an option.

Are there similar concerns of password write-protection and disabling locks as the xNT and FlexNT? If so, how would I go about accomplishing these tasks? I’m always open to using NFC Shell to manually set flags and bytes, but I would prefer a solution like Dangerous NFC.

What locations are recommended for installation of the FlexDF? It seems like a rather large chip, and I was thinking back of the wrist, but if anyone has better ideas I’d be open.

If anyone has a OnePlus 6T, what read spots do you find work for your device? Would the FlexDF be easier to couple with for a smartphone?

And lastly, when is the expected public release date of the Vivokey Flex One? I’m looking to have an NFC implant with easily-readable contact info, a website link, and a profile picture, (FlexDF or xDF2) in my left hand and a system for payment and or PGP keys (Vivokey Flex One) in my right.

As always, thank you for the help, and good work Amal! Your products are just plain cool.

Actually, I have one more question: Where can I find a good DESFire 8k sticker tag? I’ve found a bunch of smartcard versions online, but no stickers.


Depends on what is more important… range or pain :wink: We are also about to release a flexDF2 as well… best of both worlds.

Yeah, back of the hand or arm near the wrist work. With flex you don’t need to worry so much about positioning over bone.

This summer.