Questions about xBT and xLED

So I saw earlier that the xBT displays temperature! Where would I see the temperature? And I was wondering how the xLED was going because I heard some people were trying to get the light to stay on or off without the phone using NFC… Is this still coming along? Or is that out of the question?

You would scan the implant with a flipper or a compatible reader, then the temperature would be displayed on the device

Links to compatible devices? Is there even an app?

I believe halo readers are compatible, unsure of any others

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Thank you! Do you know about the xLED? I saw someone on discord saying they were trying to make it so the light can stay on without a device!

I’m not the best person to ask, but I believe the general consensus is that requires batteries, batteries no good for implantation. But I could be totally wrong.

I have a halo pet reader and it gets the temp, my flipper also gets the temp values. No phone app since the xbt is LF not HF. I’ve seen another company doing a closed beta for an NFC compatible one in Europe that does use a phone to read, but it’s not really accessible yet.

I would say no implants will ever glow bright workout any external power source and be safe. Either you have a battery (large and not safe at all) or you have tritium (not bright, technically radioactive, and extra bad if broken) if you plan to wait till this is all figured out you’ll probably never get an implant so best to get the current offerings.