Questions on setting up a magnetic lock entry for a door

You have to be quick around here :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks ErieQuiet,

That’s a great idea.
I’m going to cut a hole in the side and refill with resin/epoxy and put the antenna on the inside.
I’m thinking it should work.
Then sand and paint over it and you shouldn’t hopefully know it’s not the original bus side.

I’ve ordered the Xac, so will test things first and then implement. Super hopeful it will work. I’ve been anxious about this part of the build for a long while now, but really wanting to do this.

Thanks again for all the help guys!!

Dumb question.

If someone were able to get to the antenna, and they shorted the two wires together, would it open? :thinking:

Nope. Plus, they are already connected together, in a big loop.