Quick question, wanting a little clarity

Hi there,
I own a new car with proximity unlocking etc…
I also have the xNT implanted.

I am wondering if there was anyway of using my chip as a replacement of my car key? IE unlocking car door with proximity, push starting engine.

I know with older model cars, individuals have connected a nfc scanner on the inside of the car. When wanting to unlock the door they simply place there hand on the window closest to the reader. Once read, vechical unlocks.

Im curious to know how proximity technology influences future nfc projects.

Any feedback is appreciated

Hey Dion150,

Most proximity unlock and keyless start systems seem to operate at 25kHz for positioning and 433Mhz for the buttons on the fob. The xNT operates at 13.56Mhz and the xEM operates at 125kHz, so I don’t think you can interface with those systems with any DT implants.

That said, you could purchase something like the PN532 breakout board from DT and rig up a xNT access control circuit inside the door of your car that is rigged to the physical unlock switch on the door control panel. I’d be careful messing with any of the electronics in a newer car. The built-in computers often have the ability to sense any changes and throw up errors, which may void a warranty.

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My suggestion is to get a second or backup proximity key. Get an access module like our xEM access controller or something similar. Then simply set up a latching relay or a system that emulates one so the relay will toggle on and off each time you scan your tag. Then to the switched pins of the relay, connect the battery of the proximity key to the key itself… basically make the relay connect and disconnect the battery to the key. Scan your tag, battery connects, key transmits, now you can unlock the door and drive away. Scan again and the battery is disconnected, the key “disappears” and the car is secured.