Re-opening of piercing places around the world

So the government has let us in on some good news. Piercing places are set to open on Monday 1st June. Who else has been hanging out patiently and who has been self installed over the last few months?


Had my wife put my spark in.

The flexes just got here before the weekend so I’ll be trying to find someone more qualified for those (we lack the tools to do it ourselves).

here you come.

I think your thread title is a little optimistic

World :interrobang:


I think sitting on the doorstep on sunday night waiting for them to open monday would be a little strange. (That and taking a sicky would be frowned upon)
My wife politely declined to inject mine, I am more then happy to let a pro poke around.
I am also back onto the tattoo idea, that would push the injection back a few months.

A world government :exploding_head:



I’m interested :face_with_monocle:



So am I. It’s about time countries disappeared.


Re-opening is likely to cause an uptick in cases, followed by at least a partial shutdown. We may see oscillating open / close / case counts for awhile.

Because of the regulatory scrutiny piercers deal with, they tend to run physically clean operations. And they’re naturally gonna understand cross contamination. The presence of other people is likely to be the biggest issue.

I’d schedule an appointment as soon as I reasonably could, for an off time. Say weekday, earliest possible. Avoid the crowds as much as you can.

Won’t be a world goverment till there’s a world wide threat to force people to that level of cooperation. Even then it’s gonna be a bitch fest. Case in point, we’re in a global pandemic, and the current topic of consideration is not how we can come together, but how it’s the other guy’s fault.

Gonna take.

And even then we’ll probably fight each other first.

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For anyone in Canada who had considered seeing Russ Foxx on his tours, he just completed some WHO safety/prevention/etc. programs regarding covid19 and respiratory viruses, should that help you feel a little more confident.