Reading installed nfc chips

what does every one use to read and program their NFC implants

usin g an iPhone


For NDEF type stuff, generally

(android links, but same names for iOS)

For diagnostic type stuff, a ProxMark3

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so i guess if i cant read my tag with either of the top teo apps there is a problem with my tag?

Not necessarily.

I like Simply NFC for the ability to continually scan with iPhones to figure out how best to position the phone for good reads and writes.

Another possible factor is swelling that occurs during installation which can take a week or two to subside enough for good performance, even if it looks ‘fine’

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Is there a shelf life once they are fitted as mine has been in for years ?

What do you mean? I assume that you’ve had a chip under your skin for a while now, right? Implants should be writable for a very long time, at least a few decades.

Also, what implant do you have and what have you used it for? And are you having problems writing to an x series? Do you still have the included keychain?

If so, I think that this video might help you find the right spot for the chip on the iPhone:


Tried scanning as per video nothing no idea what type it is but definitely didn’t get anything with it I’ve never used the chip for anything just had it fitted check it worked at the time and then left it

So when do you have it installed? Swelling can make these things hard to read during the first two weeks but it’s often possible to get a read immediately after implantation.

2012 maybe

what implant did you get installed? iphones can only read certain chipsets

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Can you feel the implant under your skin?

When following the iPhone example to read, did you try removing phone cover? xSeries are a little more difficult to get a read on si the closer you can get the better?

Which model iPhone do you have and what iOS version are you running?

Do you have access to somebody else’s phone to try?

As asked above, what implant did you get? I am guessing 2012 it was quite possibly an xNT, xEM or NExT…

Did you use a phone (the same phone( to confirm after you first installed it, or was it another reader?

Could it be a Low Frequency implant?

That’s a good question no idea but I’m sure I’ve read it before

What ones can be read iPhones as I may just replace it

Would like one of the ones with leds in them if that is possible

If it’s a low frequency chip, you could add a xSIID next to it.

Only a few phones can read the LF stuff. I’d like to know how you read it back then? Was it with a phone or with a dedicated reader of some sort?

If you want blinky,

You probably want to get yourself an xSIID, ( Just saw @enginerd replied the same above )
heres just a little more info for you…

and it is compatiable with the iPhone.
it has 2k memory, 1k of memory that is easily accessible and another 1k that can be accesed with a bit of knowledge.