Reading LF xLED

Hey guys,

just did my first ever implant yesterday! just wanted to ask about the xled 125khz implant and what i can use for it to light up that’s not an external reader or whatever. are there any iPhone apps or anything. pretty new to all this so if something doesn’t make sense i can elaborate. Also forgot to mention i just took a look and think ill end up buying the 13.56mhz xled and implanting it next to it. how long would i have to wait for the first one to heal? Thanks!

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The Xled 125khz is a field detector all it has is an led that lights up when presented to a low frequency field. There is no read or writable data to my knowledge. Phones use nfc/ High frequency at 13.56 Mhz. If you want a light up implant that your phone can read I would recommend the XSiiD. I have one and love it.
And It takes like a month to heal up nicely.

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alright so im gonna buy a 13.56mhz one should i go with a white or red led and how long until i can install it next to my LF one

I’d say at least a month, But I’m not sure how close together you can have implants. That may be something to keep in mind.

yeh okay well the implant thats in now is virtually useless as its the wrong frequency. should i take it out?

I disagree, You obviously got it for a reason, I guess to show it off, all you need is something that will let you do that.
Like a Keysy, Blue Cloner, proxmark, LF RFID reader ( Phone adapter ) like these
images (21)

I dont thinks so, I think you should leave it and put another next to it.
You mentioned an xLED HF, but these are currently out of stock ( unless you got a bundle?)
@Mondaytothursby suggested an xSIID as an alternative, and I agree, It will give you the blinky you obviously desire, but also some further functionality.
You can light it up with your phone and also store data that you can read and write with your phone.

The xSIID you have other options
:blinky_blue: :blinky_green: :blinky_red: :blinky_white:

With both in your hand, as you walk down a street and see a reader and can scan to see if it is LF, HF or both, that way you can sleep soundly at night knowing the answer :wink:

@Mondaytothursby suggested a month, I agree, but I also would say you could do it now if you wanted.
Just keep them ~5mm apart if possible. Maybe tape down a match stick between them whislt you heal to keep the seperation.

Anyway, thats my 2cents added


alright thanks 1 month it is or until another one arrives at my house

well i plan on getting a NeXT in my other hand. as for the xLED i thought it would work with my phone until i did research the morning to find out 125 is rfid lol. good learning lesson for me. id rather just get the next which i can store rdif and nfc on and maybe pair it next to a xled nfc or just by itself. ill probably put the xled nfc next to my rfid one with 5mm spacing





I love my NeXT and have been planning on adding an xled near it.

as in the same spot just 5mm apart? i plan to do that with an xled hf

That’s the plan. It’ll probably be my next implant.


whats the benefit of having a next and xled near eachother i might put a xsiid next to my xled lf and get a xled hf and put it next to a NeXT as well. unless i just put the HF xled next to the LF xled and keep the next by itself

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Another option is to put you LF xLED beside your NExT.
That way when you use the LF side of your NExT you get blinky

Then put an HF xLED beside your xSIID, the when you scan your xSIID you get 2 blinky.
:blinky_red: :blinky_blue:


The main benefit is you get visual feedback for lf orientation on readers. It’s useful as hell. I use my key chain currently for that. I use my xsiid for finding hf orientation for readers.