Reasonable cost to implant

If you don’t mind me asking, and if you actually paid to have implants, what did you pay to have it done, and if not what do you think the cost should be?

depends on the type of implant but generally our partners charge between $50USD and $75USD to install x-series, and maybe $100USD to $150USD for flex

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I paid 60€ to get my xSLX implanted

I paid 250€ for a big flex install.
Same installer charges 80 for an x-series.
It’s kinda costly, but I happily pay the price of the implant for a professional install.
A magnet install there costs 200 (including a HW magnet, so I expect 150ish for my titan install.)

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My installer was very negotiable, as implants are a very very small part of his business. He charges $50 for 1 but offered discounts for multiple. $75 for 2, or $100 for 3. I got 3 for $100 (NExT, xSIID, and Spark 2).

My artist charged 250 € for the installation of my flexNExT, I’m fine with that. xSeries will be less, but I don’t know (yet) how much exactly.

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I installed 2 glassies and one flex.
We agreed on 200€ for the job

Initially I thought it was a tidbit expensive, as I pictured it’d cost approx 150€
Also played with the thought of installing the glassies myself to save some cash, but I am very glad I didn’t.

Was really nervous about the flex install. I initially wanted it in my lower wrist, as I feared for veins etc in my hand, but this wonderful forum convinced me to stick it in L4 instead.

My artist was a true professional.
She soothed my fears, also used a dermal lifting tool instead of the needle to avoid any excess damage, and she was FAST. Flex-installation done in about one minute. (wish I had a video of it)

Anyway, point of story is that I started out thinking it was expensive, but actually ended up giving the artist an extra 50€ tip in the end.

On a sidenote, I was amazed at how much one-time equipment they actually use, and the amount of stuff they need to sterilize between jobs etc.
So if you subtract all that from the equation, I’d be happy to support my local artist for the service and safety they provide, rather than thinking “its just a prick in the hand, anyone can do it”


between: 20 Euro to 200 Euros
20, 50 or 100 for the most x-Series
100 - 200 for the flex Series.

200 is my doctor in the near of my village

I expect to pay 20 euros for an injectable glassie. It’s ranged from free (piercer friend) to 50 euros (ripoff).

I paid 200 euros for my flexNExT and my flexM1, and that was just because I elected to give 50 euros extra for the good service.

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I paid $80 for my Xseries install, which until I read this discussion I assumed was probably around average, but now it sounds like it might not be

Seems to heavily depend on where you go

What doctor do you go to and how did you convince him to do the implant?

I tried several different doctors near me but unfortunately everyone is telling me that this kind of stuff isn’t covered by their “malpractice insurance”. I don’t even knew that was a thing before I started searching for a medical doctor who could possible do such things. I guess it’s about 20 years to early to expect help from a doctor in such matter, at least in Alabama. People here are really shocked if they find out you have microchips inside your body, some even call it the work of the devil. One dude invited me to his church where I could get help to find my way back to the good lord.

He is a surgeon and he made also small cosmetic operations. I called him, first I want to talk to him in person - wasn’t possible, Ibneed to explain it via phone to the nurse at the telephone. The called me back and said: YES. They were all intrested, what this chips can do.
Here in Austria it is for piercers forbidden - also the x-series (i know two who are implanting them, but I don’t post it to thevpubluc)

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