Regarding Vivokey questionnaire

So one of the questions in the VivoKey questionnaire is about monthly subscription.

I think the question is a bit vague, or rather: has to few answer options.

My initial thought is “the vivokey can run Java applets. am I willing to pay for that?”
And the answer is of course “depends on the applet”

For example: a credit card costs me about 20$/year, so I’d gladly pay the same amount to be able to pay with the VivoKey.

If I own a Tesla, I’m most likely willing to pay some $ for that as well… As long as the vehicle was in my possession, but not after I sold it.

So I assume one should come up with a subscription plan based on applets used

More interestingly: “what would I be willing to pay for the development of?”
Meaning a) would I want to pay a monthly fee /donation to get an app in the future? And b) would I do that only after installing the vivokey or immediately?

So personally I would be happy to pay a low fee for the development of a “Lastpass” authentication/integration, as this is one of my most used apps, but not for the “VivoKey KeePass”
However, once the KeePass is developed, I might switch from lastpass and then pay for the use of KeePass instead.

I guess it all boils down to what each and every one of us intend with the VivoKey.

I therefore propose the following: a new poll, containing
1: what applet do you most anticipate (poll already exist)
2: are you willing to help speed up development of one of these by donating a small monthly fee?
3:are you willing to subscribe to applets in the future? / which ones

Just my 2 cents anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

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