Removal bodychip and cocoon tissue

Let’s start with the product… what product is it?


NEXT 2mm x 14mm

So far I have not found a chipimplant professional in Amsterdam (for add on, nor for removal). Piercing shops seem to not want to do it.

Did you check all of these? -


Community Biohacking Map 2 -


i dont see Amsterdam on it. I read somewhere else Willem Vastbinder.

@Vicarious might have some suggestions

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I can recommend Willem. When I was in the Netherlands last year he installed my Apex and I had a great experience. I did have to travel to his shop in Breda though, so it was a bit of a journey.


Yes, I also recommend Willem Vastbinder.
I don’t know if he only works at his piercing shop in Breda, or if he also still works at Walls & Skin or another shop in Amsterdam, contact him and ask :blush:

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Thanks so far.

The cocooning layer, does it need to be taken out when to big or will the body resolve it in a few months any way after taken out the chip?

Does anyone has any insight in my original questions? Basically want to know more about the cocooning tissue around it, as I like to be well informed BEFORE i contact a piercing/health professional for help.

Generally you leave the tissue alone. It takes time but it should resolve on its own. Cutting and removing tissue is a complicated process and would require a cosmetic surgeon to do it well. Even regular surgeons leave terrible scarring and lumpy uneven results when they cut tissue.


Thanks, good answer, i guess.

I just felt it again and it seems much larger than the 2mm x 14mm of the NEXT chip. Does anyone else has the experience that the implant area feels much larger than anticipated? Does the NEXT chip make the body form more cocooning tissue or fat around it?

  1. how long ago did it get put in?
  2. who put it in?
  3. post some photos?

Remember that when you install an implant you’re not removing any “meat” as such.

Think of it very losely as a sub-dermal Archimedes principle.


Displacement - that meat has to go somewhere

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How strong is bioglass? Does it ever get glass splinters from scalpels? (I will not use the twsissors too strongly, only scalpel or 1 side of twissors). Does anyone ever hear about it glass splinter while removal?

If you remove it with a hammer - it could splinter.

just let a trained installer do the job, it wont splinter.

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I was not able to break a xnt like chip with a scalpel


Here is one of my 3 in the morning vids in like 144p xD


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this is useful. the bio glass will not splinter when a scalpel is cutting on it from one side (cutting / scraping scare tissue cocoon away), since for sure you need to carve the cocoon tissue away, but it wont splinter the glass, as the cutting is on one side and never with a table under it (its meat on the other side). :slight_smile: Thanks this helps.

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