Removal of xLED

long story short i have to get my implant removed and my parenst are taking me to the doctor to get it removed. they think its gonna cause nerve damage and have other consequences. im a semi-pro basketball player, will this affect me in any way??

The nerve damage could come from the removal procedure. It’s far more invasive than the installation… and once installed and healed there’s no more risk at all. They are going to create additional risk by insisting it’s removed.


People might be able to give more insight if they know what location the xLED was installed in, and might even be able to give experience on how they got theirs removed. Might be helpful for talking to your doctor to make sure you have the best/safest plan for removal. Might be helpful to use the search tool on the forum to read and watch removal videos so you’re more informed and can talk with the doc about it.
I’m assuming that the removal won’t cause too much trama to the surrounding around besides swelling. However I’ve never had one removed. Though your situation might differ. Sure people with more first hand experience will reply soon.
I’m guessing you shouldn’t have any side effects that’ll hamper your basketball skills though. Might just need to take it easy with the removal site for a week, just practice your free throws or cardio for a week, then back to 3 pointers and aggressive defense lol
Anyways, after your removal, if you do need it and have it done, I hope you go right back to kicking ass all up and down the court! Show em what a biohacker is made of! Nothing if not passion and determination!


I would bet money a doctor will cause more damage than a piercer

My piercer used a needle and we just squeezed it out, I would bet the doctor is going to go straight for a scalpel and make an incision equal to the implant

( might count as a surgery… and have to be disclosed in future as basketball applications… food for thought… may or may not be true… but it could be exaggerated to your benefit)

Unclear because you said your semi-pro
Either your over 18, which would mean your parents have no say over your body

Or your Under 18; but I would guess near the age…
I would consider

  1. Asking to speak to the doctor in private, and explain everything… and that they are
    more likely to do harm by removing it
    doctor should weigh risks of removal vs leaving in more rationally than a parent

  2. Tell the doctor you don’t consent, legally probably won’t give you any defense… but doctors may be hesitant to work on an non consenting patient regardless of over 18 or not… and attempt to diffuse parental situation before they open the “non consent” can of worms


im under 18 and yeh i think it would cause more harm to remove its in the webbing between my index and thumb. but its quite close to the skin

webbing between thumb and index. quite close to the skin

im going to see the doctor today after school. im under 18

funnily enough i had someone say to me that when i would be in the league they would spread rumours that the implant in my hand was giving me unfair advantages ahahah

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Make up for it, get go faster stripes tattooed on your ankles. They will give you a huge advantage. :laughing:


So the usual place then… That’s the safest location to implant a glassie as it has plenty of soft tissue to protect it. So I wouldn’t worry about the safety of the implant unless you’re having a significant amount of discomfort or something.

I did notice that you mentioned something about getting a chip that works on the wrong frequency on your profile, is this related to the removal plans?

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nope parents just found out

Do you have access to a magpie?


Fake news, that’s just the system trying to convince you that birds are real


no but i will gain access to one

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We are watching you Jake…

Bro honestly I’d skip the appointment and just give myself a good poke somewhere to collect a little blood to put in gauze, tape the gauze over the spot so they see it, and keep it “bandaged” and “changing the dressing” for a couple weeks and ride off into the sunset :joy:

A cautionary tale against doing things while you still don’t have legal bodily autonomy for sure, but I mean they are never going to notice and when you’re like 35 you can tell them you still have the damn thing, they’ll call you a brat and everyone will laugh.

Obviously not giving medical advice, but as others have said there is no beneficial reason to remove it unless it is causing actual issues.


the problem is mine is quite much very visible ill have to upload a photo ahah. i want to get a next or siid but not sure if ill get crucified or not

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Lots of different directions advice can Go here,
For the sake of helping you keep your implant, and trying to educate parents to if possible…. While not skipping straight to “tell them to eat your shorts, and do whatever you want”
(God I hope a minor gets that reference…. Dies inside a bit)

Background info is helpful here, to figure out if your parents can have a discussion on the topic

Honesty from you is also helpful, saying it’s one thing when it’s another to save face won’t help us give you advice

Is this purely because they are worried about nerve damage… and as a result effecting your basketball career?
If this, try to explain to them it’s not a risk… and rashly having a doctor cut you open presents far more risk
Possibly Include the coach if you think they are reasonable / apathetic enough to aid your cause

Is there an element of “you did it without our permission, so on principle we are forcing you to get it removed”
If this, not much wiggle room but it’s a very different beast

Do they just not understand / have Hollywood misconceptions about how the tech works?
If this… try to ask specific concerns and have us answer them
Hell, you could even get them on the forum…

That’s all the responsible advice I’ve got


That is great advice.

The hand specialists advice could also be helpful. Make sure to ask him about the risks of having it removed versus leaving it in. Leaving it in really has no risks that I am aware of. Removing it you risk infection and possible nerve damage.

Depending on how they plan on removing it you might even have the possibility of a (miniscule) chance of death.


Only problem is, I don’t put it past “specialists” to not know about something, and rather than admit it… take a cover their ass stance… that isnt based in fact