Removing xEM from shipping capsule?

This might seem like a really silly question but how do you remove the xEM from the shipping capsule?

I’m not installing it in my body so I’m not worried about sterility. I cannot for the life of me figure it out.

I’m assuming there are no videos possibly for liability purposes.

You’d have to break the glass.

any suggestions as to the best way to do this without damaging the implant inside? pair of vice grips set to just enough to crack it? hammer?

Or if you mean out of the injector, you have to remove the clip preventing it from being pushed down

The implant is inside a ?glass? key chain looking thing. Wasn’t sure the right way to remove it from that.

Will you link to the exact product you have? The xEM is implantable and comes in an injector. They have a field detector that comes in a keychain, is that what you have?

You can’t get that out without breaking stuff. You’d have to order an implant one. Why do you want it out of there?

OMG, so embarrassed. I thought that was the implant. I just realized the implant was pre-loaded into the injector. Sorry for the ignorance and garbage post.

I’m confused why you’d want to waste an xem and not just use a cheapo t55 tag if you arent implanting it?

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I wanted to make a rewritable HID ProxKey II, and the xEM implant is the exact same size as the HID chip I removed from the fob. Here it is before I cover it with hot glue.

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125khz RFID Writable rewritable T5577 fob tag for RFID Writer (Pack of 10) (Black)

This is the exact same chip already in a keyfob, or you can put one of these small stickers inside

YARONGTECH 125khz rewritable T5577 Sticker Coin Adhesive Back Dia 25mm Thickness 1mm (5)

Not to mention an actual fob or sticker will have much better read range!


As mentioned :point_up:

I would personally measure the cavity, and find the largest T5577 and Antenna that you can fit in there, It will make your life just a little easier when you are trying to read and write to it

Something like this

NZ$ 24.77 | 125KHz ID wriatable COB coil T5577 chip antenna RFID passive cards tags

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That 15mm coil looks like the perfect match for a project I had not that long ago: I wanted to embed an RFID chip into existing alarm key fobs. However I’m likely going to move soon so that’s postponed for the time being.

I guess that’s the expensive way to do it… But you can always get that chip sterilized and implanted as long as you didn’t go too crazy with the hot glue.

If I were you, I’d order the 15mm chip that Pilgrimsmaster mentioned for the fob and I’d get the xEM autoclaved and implanted. But I do understand that implants are not for everyone.

If I do this again I’ll definitely try one of those bare coils, I didn’t even know such a thing existed (I’m such a newb in this space). It looks like I could have saved myself about $35 had I used a coil like that. Live and learn.

For me this project has been so fun. Learning about a tech space I previously knew less than zero about has been more exciting than anything else. What started as me looking at as a way to copy a proxkey II keyfob ended in me learning about various chipsets, owning a Proxmark 3, disassembling a legit proxkey II and converting it into a programmable T5577 fob… and learning about the implant culture!

And everyone on this forum has been so kind.