Resonant Repeater Stickers

Just ordered the final revision. After it arrives in ~7 days I’ll test it out and then see what Amal’s thoughts are on making the CoM conversion available. Worst case you can melt your own card down and send it to him as a custom conversion. Might be that he doesn’t want to take on managing people who don’t know whether they have a CoM or not, so I’ll take that on and handle the logistics for people. Best case you can just send your card in to him directly like a normal wearable conversion, although there’s definitely privacy concerns with that.


this would be best

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Did you want to start a new thread specifically for that?
or are you still happy with people using this one

A cheat sheat may help with chip identification :man_shrugging:


I’ll do that when it’s ready to move forward as a service that DT offers. I’ll put together a detailed guide that can be referenced on a product page for the conversion. Then in that thread people can post pictures of their card contacts and we’ll be able to tell them if it’s a CoM before they order anything. I might need your help policing that thread though so only pictures of CoM modules and direct discussion about it happens there to lower the noise, and anything else can be moved here.

And hey, maybe once that’s sorted I’ll actually make some resonant repeater stickers like this thread was originally created for if there’s still interest :sweat_smile:. Luckily with everything I’ve learned that would be somewhat trivial now.

Definitely, although none of those are CoM modules

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too easy!

Lookin good. I’ll set things up with Amal and then create a new thread with instructions.



Love to see good progress :heart:

But also what happened to the repeater stickers? Still a thing?

Not really, although now that I’ve figured all this out they could be again. I don’t think Amal got enough donations for the project to move forward with development. This CoM stuff I’ve mostly been funding out of pocket and this shit’s not cheap. I’ve definitely spent more than $1k just to figure things out and get this far

I think growing the community is the only way to scale things from here on. Maybe some more agressive social media presence or some sort of new marketing strategy? I’m kinda in the same position with my games so I understand how hard it can be :sob:

I have a bunch of electonics and tools I don’t really use. Maybe I could donate that :thinking: do you need anything specific?
(Bunch of smd components, some lab equipment, a pretty expensive gaussmeter…)


Yea I haven’t wanted to speak it out loud, but community interaction seem to be shrinking

As we release new products to get the DT side flaring and the VivoKey offerings ramp up we’ll get a sudden influx of interest like you’ve seen in the past. It’s just been pretty slow for a couple months because we’re pretty deep in a development cycle and stretching everything really thin.


In case it’s relevant to anyone’s interests. @hoker removed my prototype CoMmuter in an Airbnb about a month ago from the knife edge. Even in that tough install spot and without the final durability additions, it lasted a year and a half before failing, which I’m very pleased with.

Today I got one of the newer designs (with literally the same CoM module as my last one to further test the durability) installed in position 3. I’m glad to have it back, I had really come to rely on it for my day to day purchases and I felt lesser without it.

I’ll keep you posted on if @amal plans to offer them in the store. He’s dragging his feet


I like how it looks, it’s a mix of a sim card, a key chain and a usb stick


What was the point of failure?

I gave my old antenna to amal and it’s currently in a small pile of failures from various sources for X-ray inspection. He’ll get them sent out and find out for sure.

I suspect one of the copper traces snapped, because in that earlier revision I made them very thin (0.06mm) in order get ideal coupling with the tiny ones on the module. I later discovered that I can afford to use larger traces spaced out more without noticeably impacting performance.

The flex antennas have inherent weaknesses, but if I do what I can to make them rugged and people install them in less stressful places like the arm then they could last a lifetime. Especially the standard flex sizes that are small and will not experience much bending. These experimental bigger ones just receive more stress, though.


Loosing a bodily function isn’t supposed to feel great. Even if said function is one that you added after the fact.

I’m calibrated in mils. and hope not to get lynched by the AI for using cheeseburger units

About 2mils… that is indeed thin.


I think you’re excused because it’s demanded by the industry, not personal preference


Hey, happy to see you got it replaced!

Any reason why you had the incision on P3 done towards the knuckles instead of the other direction?

Nope, my installer and I just arbitrarily decided. That was a bad call coming in from the knuckle side last time. For anyone else thinking about it, I can highly recommend installing in the metacarpal area from the wrist side. Less likelihood to damage structures in your hands, and easier healing.


Second this.

I’ve had my flexDF2 in this location for 2.5 years and it has been very happy/stable.