Results from Topical Lidocaine test

So I don’t like pain. I do however like my implants. That creates quite a conundrum for me. I don’t live close enough to any other Biohackers to just run over for a procedure and I haven’t had luck with the local piercers. I also don’t have enough pocket change to buy multiple PMK’s, so I am currently trying to figure out a way to numb myself with easily acquired materials.

The Project
I bought a some Lidocaine HCl powder off of the internet. It’s not sterile and I don’t have access to an autoclave so I had to make do. I’m not going to link to the site that I ordered from in hope of harm reduction. I don’t want anyone injecting themselves with this stuff.

I needed an application method and decided on a spray. Easily dosed and easy to mix. I found a small spray bottle and filled it with 20ml of 70% Isopropyl alcohol. After weighing it and spraying I found it to spray a reliable .15ml. The advised dose of topical lidocaine is 2mg/lb. I decided on a 50mg/spray dose. I added 5.88g of lidocaine to 20ml of isopropyl alcohol and mixed for about 5 minutes. I got worried that I had passed maximum solubility, but luckily it all dissolved.


I applied 1 dose (50mg) to the back of my left hand and let it sit. After 30 minutes there was no perceivable change.

Next I applied 3 doses (150mg) to the same spot about 2 hours later. After 30 minutes, no perceivable change

I then applied 3 doses to the same hand 3 hours later and put a glove on to try to keep it contained for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, no perceivable change. I kept the glove on for another 30 and still, no change.


I am continuing with testing and have a few more ideas. One is to suspend the lidocaine in vaseline, or something that doesn’t dry so quickly. I still need to try higher doses as well. Additionally I am going to look into DMSO, but am a little concerned about some of the repercussions.

Anyways, I hope to be back soon with more data!


Have you seen this post?

Is using topical cream in a similar fashion not an option for you? You can it online for rather cheap.


Lidocaine is available near me in up to 5% strength. I haven’t had luck with it before. I haven’t tried wrapping it though. Good thought.


Are you able to purchase 1% injectable?

Edit to say, that you should most definitely know what you are doing. With injecting it. It can give you a seizure if you are not careful. Kill ya maybe.

Just be careful


@fraggersparks has an interesting post also around “homebrew” PMK


For the cream I think it needs to be sealed to work, not sure why.


So I’m just going to say this out loud and if you all think I’m a weirdo so be it!

I dont condone anyone reading or doing what I did but if you are interested read it but I’m not liable for you being daft.


Long story short I like chemistry and anything related to it, before my kids where born i would regularly build my own fireworks and such. Now being in the UK there are “grey” areas around things one of which being able to make your own black powder but not being able to buy it without licence.

unlike the above it is crystal clear in the UK you cannot obtain lidocain or the such without a license or a prescription (exception being over the counter burn cream, hemroid cream and interestingly anal lubricant) now one of these things is not like the other and only contains lidocaine and minor aqueous components.

Can you guess where I’m going yet?

I have in the past been very successful at extracting lidocain from anal lubricant, so successful in fact that I was able to use the lidocain that was recovered in an aqueous suspension to create my own 1% lidocain injectable.


Disclaimer: Don’t be stupid, stupid


Ok, so I’ve actually shipped some of the 10% lido from my local pharmacist to @amal for testing.

I did some tests and it’s absolutely brilliant, I think I’ve covered this elsewhere. We’re generally covering topical here, no injectables as that starts becoming “practicing medicine”, which becomes quite illegal quite quickly.


Ohh looking forward to that. I definitely would have given it a shot 8 months ago B4 I moved to the US.

I wonder if compounding pharmacies over here can make it :thinking:


Totally why I don’t condone it I am mearly stating what I did. As far as I am aware (have spoken to a lawyer friend about several thing but one of them was this) as long as you do it yourself and not to anyone there is no legal recourse.

@leumas95 yep just like that… I didn’t want to post the video as people could find it themselves and it wouldn’t be my fault :sweat_smile:


Hey lidocaine extraction is fine in my book. You can throw it away, make a topical or anything else. But the extraction video is fine and from memory had its own disclaimer. :man_shrugging: My conscience is clean if someone dose something stupid… I even warned people not to be stupid :joy: :joy: :joy:


I didn’t mean it like that :sweat_smile: just didn’t think enough people where interested.

I wounder if you could snort in


Thats a joke


Lol didn’t think you did :stuck_out_tongue: just couldn’t help linking to a video with anal lube in the title.

You definitely could :rofl: definitely would be possible logically speaking.

Also definitely falls into the stupid catogory.


I hear it works wonders with bleach.

Too soon?


Is this for frictionless thinking? :bulb::snail:


I’m actually curious about what would happen if you snort lidocaine powder. Not that you should (I mean you really shouldn’t) but what would happen?

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Would it sting or would it not because it’s an anaesthetic… :thinking:


It might make your sinus and lungs feel weird. But this sounds like an awful idea, I’m just saying this as I don’t know what would happen but I have a gut feeling

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Hopefully no one tries… Sounds like Darwin award territory.