Revolut credit card

Hi everyone, i 'm new on this forum but i have a question about " Payment Device Conversion Service" anyone has already try with a Revolut credit card ? because i definitely want to try with this credit card but i’m not sure if it will work

thanks for help

ps : and as you can see english is not my native language

Amal would be best placed to answer that for you.

Does Revoult have any non “standard” cards available?

A different form factor like


Your English is very good

They have this and they advertise features like the VIMPayGO and I dont see a chip.

with revolut you can order many card physical or not , i have 5 physicals card i can freeze and unfreze when i want, all physical card have a chip .

Iirc Amal has said that any that have an intertable chip are a pain / potentially impossible to convert, and definitely not able to be put into a standard wedge shape.

The chip needs to be viable for a conversion, Like as @DonFire explained

Viable ones for example:-



@grey4000 what country are you in?

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Get a vimpay go chip then :slight_smile: link to find them on on the product page

Known Payment Devices

Purewrist (USA)

The Purewrist GO wristband houses a prepaid contactless card module that slides into the wristband to make payments.

The steps to convert a mini card are as follows;

LAKS Mini Card (Europe)

The Mini card is a small plastic card that looks like a large SIM card or a narrow SD memory card. It pops out of a standard credit card sized carrier and is designed to be slid into certain LAKS wristbands or keychain products. It is an assignable payment device, meaning it can work with several payment services and banks including iCard, ABN AMRO, KBC, CBC, Nordia, Rabobank, etc.

Full CardFull Card



Payment micro-card chip implantPayment micro-card chip implant

Converted payment micro-card implant in calipersConverted payment micro-card implant in calipers

The steps to convert a mini card are as follows;

VIMpay (Germany)

The VIMpay GO v2 contactless mini card module is used to slide into wearables and key fobs, and can be converted into a flexible implant.

The steps to convert a mini card are as follows;

  • Check the VIMpay website to ensure your bank works with VIMpay.
  • Purchase a VIMpay GO v2 card or wearable that comes with an insert card. One such source is
  • Take note of the special code on the card
  • When you are ready to proceed, follow these Steps To Conversion.
  • Final device will be 17mm wide x 27mm long x 0.5mm thick

Helgeland Sparebank (Norway)

Helgeland Sparebank offers a mini card module to their customers which can be converted into an implantable payment device.

The steps to convert a mini card are as follows;

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i live in france

yes i think i will search if i can use a vimpay in france, thank you for help !

I believe LAKs is also another option for you to consider in France :fr:


iCard Digital Wallet

KBC Bank

CBC Bank

KBC Brussels Bank

Nordea Bank

Laks also do “stickers” which look very similar to my payment conversion chip

these fobs, are similar to my transport conversion

I have tried to configure the VIMpay today and it’s a mess. Bad explained in the app, the text of fields you have to put data in misleading etc.

Is there no way to make it easier :frowning:

Sorry was a frustrating experience.