Rfid 125kHz it does not work [RESOLVED]

Hello everybody,
I recently received an xled LF 125kHz to be able to have access to all the doors of my hotel, in which I install Rfid 125kHz access controls, with which the guests access with their cards.

Upon arrival of my implant, the first thing I did is remove it from its packaging to verify that my access controls detected it,
And I don’t know why they don’t detect it,

I think that may be why it is unprogrammed?
But even if it does not allow me access, at least it will have to detect it …

I have tried to program it with a Chinese blue cloner, but despite the fact that the led lights up, the cloner does not detect it.

The truth is that I am a little discouraged, why I already felt RoboCop, and at the moment I do not know what to do …

If anyone has an idea, I thank them very much …

Unfortunately, the xLED does not actually have a chip in it that is recognizable. I’d recommend an xEM or an NeXT. Also, get it installed first thing. Don’t open the packaging until you’re with an installer or you install yourself.