RFID at my workplace

Hi, first post here.
Im asking that does anyone have any experience from working in a store where the products are alarmed with rfid tags?
Im thinking about getting the dual frequency chip implanted but have questions that will my use of a rfid ”gun” at work interfere or compromise my chip?
As i frequently have to code tags at work that use rfid technology.
Down below is an example of the tags which we use at work.
Sorry if the text does not make any sense i can try to clarify if needed.

those are uhf. none of the implants dt sells are uhf they’re hf and lf exclusively. you’ll be fine using the gun at work

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Ah this i didnt know, thank you very much!

Some are actually 13.56mhz and run ISO15693 with EAS turned on. Probably why it says dual frequency. One is UHF and the other is HF.

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