RFID badge clone question

Okay so I have an interesting question. I’m not sure if it’s my access system or my cloner.
I half to go through some secure areas and I half to swipe my badge to get through. When I swipe my badge my photo shows up on the screen for the officers to see me.
But if I swipe my NExT. It grants my access. But my photo does not show up on the screen.
Anyone have any thoughts on that?
We are using a lynell access system with HID readers.

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So I’m not familiar with Lynell, but in Niagara employee photos are stored on a local server. Then it just matches a UID or authentication token to the appropriate photo in the database. Sounds to me like this system is storing an image on the card, but that doesn’t make sense because your system is only scanning UIDs. Maybe the cards have a second chip in them that caries a photo, but that doesn’t make any sense either. Maybe the security guard is lying because he doesn’t want you using an implant? Try asking them to scan your NExT into the system instead of cloning it, maybe then it’ll work.


or possibly the badge has a database record identifier written to memory for the employee database lookup. i’ve seen stupid crap like that done tons of times… but it would result in something like this - if you clone the UID you get access but the database lookup fails and no photo is displayed.