RFID chip issue

I have an RFID chip and when I come to scan it on my phone (every phone I’ve tried) it makes a noise that it’s found the chip but nothing pops up on my screen to show it’s been read. It used to pop up on my screen but that stopped working after about a week. Any ideas what to do?

what kind of chip
what did it used to bring up
what did it have on it
which app did it used to prompt to open
what have you changed between now and then

context would be good

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Try scanning it with TagInfo, it should tell you a lot about the chip in question.

Do note that Android is somewhat better than iOS on the NFC side of things and that some phones don’t support mifare chips.

Sorry, the chip is xNT – 13.56MHz NTAG216 NFC Type 2 ISO14443A

I used NFCtools to write on my details, I used to be able to scan it with my Samsung and a screen would pop up with my details on there but now when I scan, nothing pops up anymore.

how long ago did you install it?

We normally suggest waiting a full 2 weeks before expecting consistency for both reading and writing

if you were implanted over 2cweeks ago, have you tried rewriting your NDEF ?

Been installed about 2-3 month ago, it used to work perfectly and for the past few weeks it hasn’t been working as it should.

Yes I’ve tried to re write it. I can rewrite it but once written it won’t let me see on it

when you rewrite it, scan it with nfctools to check the ndef payload is definitely there, if it is, test with another phone to see if it pops up, if it does its your phone that’s the problem

I’ve checked it with other phones and it doesn’t come up, I did used to but not anymore

did you check the ndef payload is still there

Yes, it is readable through NFCtools and shows that it’s been written on but when I don’t use it, my phone acknowledges the chip but doesn’t pop up on the screen.

There is a setting on your phone that defines what app should be used by default to open every kind of file and link type.
When no app is defined you get the little “Open with:” pop-up. If for some reason the setting for opening whatever is in your ndef got changed to an app that doesn’t support it then it could just do nothing depending on how said app deals with the request.

I suggest going into settings- apps -default apps- links and taking a look around. See if the link you scan is set in the app you expect it to open with.
Sadly most android settings are made for 10 year olds so I don’t see a way to define default app per file type

Edit: Set or clear default apps - Pixel Phone Help

I keep getting this problem every time I scan my chip :grimacing:

Are you referring to an implant?

If so, how long ago was it installed?

Which implant is it?